Nothing is perfect– least of all, the criminal justice system. If you or a loved one has been tried and convicted of a crime, you are painfully aware of this fact.

Errors can occur in all phases of a criminal case. Some errors are so severe that you may be entitled to a new trial or even an acquittal —but only if you file an appeal. I can help.

Through the appeal process, I will argue why the result reached in the lower court is unjust, illegal, and should be reversed or remanded.

The process of appealing a criminal conviction can be lengthy, frustrating, and expensive. It can also be the best and only means for achieving justice in your case.

The law is constantly changing, and an appellate court may view the individual facts, circumstances, and characteristics of your case far differently than your trial court. Or, if you have just been convicted, now is the time to consider filing an appeal.

If mistakes were made by the prosecution or by defense counsel in your trial or plea, you should act quickly to preserve your right to appeal and seek dismissal of your case, a new trial, or re-sentencing.

The Fiser Law Firm represents the legal rights and goals of those seeking to appeal their criminal cases in Louisiana and Mississippi. For a free and confidential legal consultation, please call us at (225)343-5059, or use our online contact form.


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