Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is also known as domestic abusespousal abuse spousal battery, family violencebatteringdating abuse, and intimate partner violence. A conviction for a domestic violence offense carries consequences far beyond potential incarceration. The mere allegation can determine custody of children and access to home and property. Significantly, a domestic violence conviction can strip you forever of your right to own or possess a firearm.

And it can do all these things even when the alleged victim does not want you to be prosecuted and admits to lying or exaggerating.

According to a personal injury attorney at the urging of activists, many prosecutors have adopted “no-drop” policies by which a prosecutor will not drop a case simply because the alleged victim won’t cooperate. In other words, the alleged victim of a domestic violence charge may be forced (through witness subpoenas and bench warrants) to participate as a witness for the prosecution.

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