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For over a decade, the Fiser Law Firm has devoted its practice to defending those accused of drug crimes in federal and state court. Examples of cases we have successfully defended include:


  • Growing marijuana for personal use
  • Prescription fraud
  • Drug possession (heroine, cocaine, crack, meth, marijuana, synthetic marijuana)
  • Possession with Intent to distribute (heroine, cocaine, crack, meth, marijuana, synthetic marijuana)
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Criminal conspiracy

Drug cases are serious and, if you are convicted, can result in severe sentences. How severe can depend on whether charges are federal or state—and even which state. The Fiser Law Firm practices exclusively in the area of criminal defense, we also have a injury attorney and provides experienced and aggressive defense of drug crimes in all courts, federal and state, in Louisiana and Mississippi.

In all jurisdictions, drug crimes beyond mere possession—distribution and manufacturing offenses—can result in harsh, mandatory minimum prison sentences. Mandatory minimum drug crime statutes require the judge to impose prison time regardless of your age, health, work history, family circumstances, or lack of criminal history.

To even the odds, I learned early that the best defense against a drug case is a good offense even if there is a need for car accident attorney. To that end, I have successfully litigated and won motions to suppress evidence in both federal and state court, leading to the dismissal of all charges against my client. The Fiser Law Firm carefully and vigorously scrutinizes the procedures used by law enforcement to discover if warrants were properly obtained or if there was an illegal search or seizure. Unreliable “snitch” information is investigated as well as facts supporting a defense of “entrapment.” We investigate and examine the facts of your case from the beginning to identify all possible defenses and put those defenses to work for you in the courtroom.

I have seen too many defendants coerced into pleading to something they did not do based on unreliable “snitch” testimony, sloppy investigations, or lying officers. Agreeing to plead guilty should be your absolute last choice—not your first. Too many people accused of drug crimes simply accept the notion that the sentence is too severe, and the risk of a conviction is too high to fight. The Fiser Law Firm does not begin to consider any “deals” unless and until I have conducted a thorough investigation on the merits of the prosecution and explored and litigated all available defenses. A zealous and creative attorney protecting your rights at every step is essential to getting your case dismissed, obtaining a not guilty verdict at trial, or an extraordinary and acceptable plea “deal.”

Even if you plan to do no more than “plead out,” you need the guiding hand of a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney. From day one, we not only prepare your defense; we also painstakingly investigate and prepare for grounds to reduce your potential sentence or punishment in the event of a plea or conviction.

The earlier you hire an attorney—even if you are merely under investigation—the earlier and better we can help. Contact the Fiser Law Firm today for a free initial consultation about your drug charge.

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